Many of our clients continue to use Programmatic which helps local marketers save time and money by managing the landscape of digital advertising through a single relationship.

Some clients are able to immediately increase their ability to solve client problems and increase revenue through turn-key Programmatic solutions.

Partners are able to differentiate their solutions in a highly commoditized market by leveraging our platform, which offers the most advanced Programmatic options.

Our partners are able to differentiate their solutions in a highly commoditized market by leveraging our DSP platform, which offers the most advanced Programmatic options.

Our team of campaign managers are armed with the best tools, systems, andprocesses in the local Programmatic advertising industry. Most Partners choose The Ad Professor because of the focus on quality, execution, and technology.


Marketers are leveraging Geo-Fencing and Device ID targeting in their programmatic advertising campaigns in the form of targeting their ideal customer. For example, marketers may want to reach anyone who has gone to a baseball game or visited a yoga studio in the last 90 days. The Ad Professor and the client identify all of the locations and specific addresses associated with the ideal consumer behavior, draw a polygon around each location, calculate the number of devices that can be targeted, and start learning about the consumers. From there, an Audience Insight Report is created, which is a demographic report for the users identified within the polygon. These reports leverage third-party data to learn about demographics, visitor frequency, household income, age, etc. Now the marketer can determine if the target audience is desirable and use that information to run a programmatic advertising campaign. This same form of data collection is typically used to track in-store visitors and tied back to third party data on consumer addresses, specific store sales, and, in some cases, consumer email addresses. We can also run Device ID targeting on Facebook.

What kind of targeting are marketers leveraging?

Geo-Fencing and Device ID data can be applied to many aspects of the marketing and purchasing funnel. It can be used to target prospective consumers as well as current customers. Most marketers are leveraging Geo-Fencing and Device ID data to target consumers based on where they have been. For instance, a gym owner may want to target anyone who has visited a health food store, a competing gym, or people who work at nearby businesses. In cases like this, a polygon is drawn around each location, devices that have been in those locations over the last 6-8 months are tracked, those devices are matched back to home addresses, reports are generated to provide the demographic information for people who visited those locations, and the Device ID’s are ultimately used in a programmatic advertising campaign. During and after the campaign, the gym owner would receive information on the number of targeted devices that ultimately visited the gym’s physical location. Often sales data is matched up against device ID data to validate exact return on investment.

Our access to data for Geo-Fencing and Device ID is unparalleled. It’s a one-to-one device match that’s verified and made available for marketing campaigns. Many location-based targeting strategies offered competitively are using assumptive data to verify user location information. The Device ID data used by The Ad Professor Network is specific to latitude and longitude and is not accessible through a data pool until it’s been verified to be real. Beyond the reliability of this exact methodology, our team also has access to third party data to match devices back to home addresses and match that data to publicly available information about the people who live in those addresses to generate the Audience Insight Report. No one in the industry is leveraging available geo-spatial data as fully as our partner agency and making that data accessible to target in a programmatic advertising campaign.


Location based targeting is evolving rapidly, making real time messaging more powerful than ever.

The Ad Professor Partners are using these advanced targeting technologies to help their local marketers intercept consumer purchasing decisions in real time. For example, a car dealer’s campaign can reach a prospective buyer at another dealership in real time to propel them to visit one more dealership before they make their final purchasing decision.


With The Ad Professor’s Native Advertising, a company can reach consumers in a content friendly manner, providing users with a deeper level of information in a long form content format. Native Advertising is consistently reported as consumers preferable ad format as it’s less intrusive and blends in with standard website content.

What is Programmatic Native?

Enrich the user experience by adding value to an advertiser’s site content with native ad networks that can be easily measured using the same key performance indicators (KPIs ) you rely on for programmatic display. In-feed and in-article native ads allow the advertiser to immerse their brand within the publisher’s site to reach the right user at the right time within the right context.

This winning combination drives engagement and Click-Through-Rate (CTR), reduces Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA), and more to enhance your omnichannel campaign performance.

Upload an image, logo, copy, and URL into our platform, and the technology formats your content to match the unique look and feel of the publisher site, whether it’s displayed on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Programmatic buying with The Ad Professor gives you real-time reporting insights to measure campaign success, test your creatives, and optimize to the content and images that perform with your target audience.


With The Ad Professor’s Streaming TV Network a company can reach cord-cutting TV viewers that are not available with traditional TV commercials and those streaming content via personal devices. PLUS we remove a layer of wholesale to retail mark-ups that are passed from Broadcast or Print resellers directly resulting in a 15% increase in media purchased with your advertising dollar. Period. We can prove it!


It is easy to introduce non-skippable, brand safe programmatic audio advertising to your hyper-local marketing campaigns. Our Programmatic Streaming Audio allows you to choose inventory by age, gender, location, musical interest, or third party data. Streaming Audio through The Ad Professor allows you to run traditional radio campaigns while also receiving the benefit of real-time decision reporting, conversion metrics, cross device targeting, and omni channel optimization. Tap into radio budgets with these exciting new tools and digital marketing solutions. PLUS you do NOT have to invest with the minimums found by using Spotify or other platforms!


Programmatic Video and Video Advertising is simply running 15 second, 30 second, and long form video ads within online video content at scale. Commonly referred to as Pre-Roll advertising, Programmatic Video is as scalable as banner advertising with all of the innovative targeting options but in a more desirable video format. With features such as skippable vs non-skippable, completion rates, viewability and more, Video Advertising has never been easier or better for a local marketer.

Programmatic Video Advertising offers all of the features standard banner ads offer, but in a video format. Marketers and Partners are reaching audiences based on content, behavior, search data, location information, IP, and more. Programmatic Video is now as scalable as banner advertising with all of the innovative targeting options in the more desirable video format. Our Clients are targeting their TV budgets and other Video format advertising to capture a larger share of wallet, while enhancing campaign execution, to deliver a great return on ad spend.

The Ad Professor is plugged into 20 ad exchanges, such as the Doubleclick Ad Exchange, Index Exchange, and Telaria to name a few. It’s The Ad Professor’s unparalleled ability to reach a narrow target market in a hyper-local geo all while providing an omnichannel optimization strategy that makes our Programmatic Video solution a better option than nearly any other professional services provider. If Programmatic Video is a key to your business plan moving forward, The Ad Professor is the best partner to help scale the strategy, execute that strategy, and provide excellent results for your business on a local, regional or national level.


Our Programmatic Email Marketing product targets consumers based on shopping preferences,  interests, demographics, psychographics, purchasing history, location, interest, and more. A marketer can reach their specific target market by leveraging our Email Marketing solution the same way they have used acquisition direct mail in the past.

Our Partners use Programmatic Email Marketing the same way they have offered, leveraged, and sold direct mail in the past.  They start by understanding the ideal target market for their own campaign or a client’s campaign. They work with one dedicated team member or we can use our recommendation engine to research the availability, scale, and cost of reaching the ideal target. With this information, they decide on a volume, target, and frequency for their email campaign. Many are also using address information from the email campaign to match back to client sales data, confirming ROI and justifying extension to great volume levels and frequency in the future.

The Ad Professor leverages high quality data, accessing 200,000,000 double opt-in email addresses and deep technical solutions that guarantee better delivery to target consumers’ email boxes. The focus on technology and quality separates this email solution from others. A programmatic email campaign could average of 12-15% open rates and 1-3% click through rates. With hundreds of case studies, there is almost no situation our team hasn’t already encountered and been able to deliver success through Programmatic Email Marketing.


Our team offers full Organic Search services for all clients.

Through this supportive relationship, our sister agency network can request audits of their client’s website. These audits provide a detailed outline of opportunities tied to their organic presence, identify where improvements can be made, and pinpoint the tactics required to fulfill changes. Partners, with the support of The Ad Professor’s SEO channel managers, utilize these audits as a tool for showcasing the possibilities of SEO, as well as providing a launchpad towards improving client websites, driving organic traffic, and maximizing bottom line performance.

Our SEO Services range from on-site to off-site and local listings optimizations to hosting. Whether your client has thousands of locations or strictly an ecommerce business, this service suite can meet your client’s needs by scaling an enterprise-level service at an affordable cost.


The successful Ad Professor Partners and Clients leverage search engine marketing in all of their proposals and sold campaigns. Search engine marketing is intimately important in nearly every purchasing decision made today, and by pairing this with other digital marketing services, such as programmatic advertising, the campaign and relationship is almost always guaranteed to be a long-term relationship.

Google’s average retention rate is 94%, and the average retention rate of end advertisers buying paid search through The Ad Professor sales partner is 96%. Partners who are focused on creating a really strong compounding growth rate in digital marketing services leverage search engine marketing to ensure they retain clients and grow their business.

The Ad Professor is a Premier Partner with Google and, by affiliation, is among the biggest Google partners in the world. As an enterprise customer for Google, The Ad Professor and their Agency Partners enjoy a much more intimate relationship with Google. The partnership comes with access to Google, Google’s marketing team, Google Premier Partner Badge, Google Certifications, the Google Academy for Ads, beta product testing, and most importantly, Google’s team of experts providing feedback on all campaigns to ensure best practices are followed and newer Google Ads features are being leveraged. Beyond these obvious benefits, The Ad Professor can help coordinate Google seminars in Partner’s local markets for local advertisers and help position Search Engine Marketing as a spearhead of growth for the Partner’s company and clients.