We are a full-service Traditional and Digital Agency that Provides Omni-Channel Advertising, Copywriting, Branding Initiatives, Web Development, B2B & B2C lead gen, SEM/ SEO, PPC with attention to RoaS ratios. National and Regional campaign management on Spot, Out of Home, Print, Social Platforms & More.



Christopher began his marketing journey within a Pre-Google paradigm – utilizing key metrics and advertising fundamentals that still apply today.

Working with two powerhouse National and Multi-State companies in his post directory career, he carried the print ball for over 13 years; Christopher co-founded The Ad Professor, while also servicing several hundred customers face to face, handshake to handshake, over a decade, opening up the St. Louis and Detroit Metropolitan Markets – nearly singlehandedly in St. Louis… and in Detroit area, with a dedicated team of like-minded entrepreneurs and mentors.

After Millions and Millions in personal sales, he began merging his skill set with one of the top NBC affiliates in the nation, handling direct and agency clients all over the United States and training side by side with their 3rd party digital squad.

After a great experience, but with a hunger to eschew the corporate environment, Christopher left to help a former director and CEO open and launch a startup in the Social Platform Marketing space while kicking The Ad Professor into high gear simultaneously.

The Ad Professor agency is currently working on acquiring property, expanding its Detroit workforce, adding to its vendor base with topnotch, top of breed boutique and national business partners, and looking for equity based partnerships that grow together while also working with retainer based models and Gig style consulting services.



Audrey brings two decades of experience creating successful multi-media campaigns and partnerships for companies covering a wide variety of industries that range from locally owned businesses to national brands.  Her specialties include  brand partnerships, relationship management, negotiations, content integrations and creative media solutions. She has a Masters of Business from Oakland University.

Her advertising and media career began at BBDO managing millions of dollars in quarterly and annual medial packages across several assigned regions in the Midwest for national clients, including: Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge Brand, Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge Dealer Association, Hormel, MGM Pictures, Mitsubishi and Mercedes Benz.  After three years working in Spot Television, Radio and Cable Audrey was promoted to the National Broadcast Cable Buying Team working with the same book of clients on their national campaigns and sponosorships with a large list of major networks.

With a desire to learn more about experiential marketing, Audrey accepted a position with General Motors’ events and promotions agency to evaluate all things media related on their national and regional events and sponsorships.

During this time, Audrey was offered a position with Ford Motor Company’s advertising agency to manage an assigned list of National Cable Networks media spend, special property sponsorships, content integrations and multi media partnerships.